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Why you should never skip a walkthrough when buying a house

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2024 | Real Estate Transactions

Before finalizing the purchase of a house, it’s crucial to conduct a walkthrough. A walkthrough serves as a final inspection, allowing buyers to ensure that a property meets their expectations and is in as-promised condition.

Skipping this step in the purchasing process can lead to unforeseen issues and regrets down the line. Some of the specific reasons that you should not skip a walkthrough include the following.

Verification of condition

During a walkthrough, buyers can verify that their soon-to-be property’s condition aligns with their expectations. This includes checking for any damages, defects or discrepancies that were not apparent during previous visits. By thoroughly inspecting a house, buyers can identify any issues that may require attention before closing a deal.

Confirmation of repairs and agreements

If a seller has agreed to make repairs or modifications as part of the negotiation process, a walkthrough provides an opportunity to confirm that these tasks have been completed satisfactorily. Buyers can ensure that all agreed-upon repairs have been made and that the property is in the promised condition before finalizing the purchase.

Discovery of hidden problems

In some cases, issues may arise during the walkthrough that were not disclosed by a seller or evident during previous visits. These hidden problems could range from structural issues to plumbing or electrical problems. By conducting a thorough walkthrough, buyers can uncover any hidden issues and address them accordingly.

Protecting a buyer’s interests

A walkthrough serves as a final safeguard for a buyer’s interests. By carefully inspecting a property before completing the purchase, buyers can avoid potential disputes or regrets in the future. It provides an opportunity to address any concerns or discrepancies before finalizing the transaction, ultimately ensuring that the buyer gets what they paid for.

Skipping the walkthrough when buying a house is a risky decision that can lead to unforeseen problems and regrets. If you complete a walkthrough and you find issues, you can have them addressed or take legal action if needed.