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Land surveyors have a job to do: They make precise measurements in order to accurately state precise boundary lines. A title company will research the history of the title to uncover any problems that would render ownership dubious. Although these parties are important to the overall process in a real estate transaction, they cannot advocate for you in court when troubles arise. They can give you the information and possibly some good advice, but if you are having issues with the title in a transaction, you need an attorney, a strong legal team to fight to protect your interests.

At Robert A. Gleaner, P.C., a law firm serving Audubon and South Jersey clients, we handle title disputes. Our lead attorney Robert A. Gleaner has 40 years of legal experience, and our entire team works together to provide comprehensive real estate coverage and advocacy for title disputes.

Disputes Over Title To A Piece Of Land

A title dispute boils down to the question of who actually owns a piece of land. There are numerous reasons for a title to be in question, including:

  • Spotty title history: There could be an illegal title transfer in the past, or a transfer was inadequately reported. Perhaps there are easements, illegal side contracts or liens on the property that have not been reported. Erroneous surveys can also cause problems. All of these can result in a “dirty” title and require legal research and dispute resolution to clear title.
  • Conflicting survey reports: Land surveyors are not perfect. Erroneous surveys and conflicting reports on property lines are surprisingly common.
  • Liens: The point of a construction lien is to encumber the transfer of the property by making a clean title impossible to obtain without first clearing the lien.
  • Fraud: Real estate fraud is an extremely common occurrence. People will often fake their identities or commit other fraudulent acts to claim title. But at some point, these issues need to be sorted out to get a clean title on the property.
  • Clerical errors: Even if everything else in the history of a title is perfectly legitimate, the people logging and storing title histories can make mistakes. Even one small error, many years ago, can be extremely difficult to untangle for the purposes of clearing a title.

Our attorneys are experts in real estate law, and we can help you get clear title. Whether you are a buyer or seller, it is critical to make sure the title being transferred is free and clear.

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