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Client Reviews

People throughout New Jersey have relied on Robert A. Gleaner, P.C. to provide personalized, effective legal representation in a variety of matters for decades. But don’t just take our word for it: read what clients are saying about us to find out more.

“I hired Mr. Gleaner for a couple of my real estate and business projects. Even if they were difficult cases, he made it so easy to be successful. From the initial consultation, initial battle plan, appearance in front of the township board, dealing with engineers, dealing with other lawyers to the final result, everything was flawless. There is nothing like having the right people around you when you have a difficult case. He is part of my “dream team”. He is the most prompt professional I ever dealt with. He responds to emails even on the weekends sometimes. He keeps his promise when it comes to cost and time frames. He has talented people working for him which makes everything easy and the success certain. If there were 10 stars, I would rate him with 10 stars.” — Septimiu

“Rob has been a great attorney and trusted advisor for my personal and professional endeavors over the past 20+ years. He has provided excellent legal representation in several property purchases and numerous legal issues. I have recommended him to many friends and family who have been extremely happy with services. Rob Gleaner has an excellent legal staff that supports his efforts to provide the maximum assistance to his clientele. I would highly recommend contacting Rob Gleaner for anyone in need of trusted legal guidance.” — Joseph K.

“Rob was my lawyer for my divorce and family matter. From day one, Rob has been available at any time. He has been honest with me about everything whether or not I wanted to hear it. He explains everything so well. He puts in so much effort to fight for you. But also is realistic to what may or may not happen. He is so knowledgeable in his area of law and is very professional.” — Heather

“Robert is our one-stop, go-to professional for all our owner’s legal issues and questions. He does most of our eviction filings, negotiates with tenants for payments plans, and when the account needs it, court appearances. Fantastic Advisor!” — Happy Client

“Rob has been a constant point of cool-headedness through it all. He would always remind me to keep a level head and not be cutthroat all the time. This showed me the right approach which led to a fair result. His hard work got me through a long and difficult journey.” — Rocco G.

“Big shout-out to my awesome lawyer Rob. It was an honor watching your expertise in the courtroom. You were amazing … very professional but caring! Thanks for doing such a good job. Anyone would be lucky to have you represent them.” — Judith S.

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