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A Trusted Legal Team Offering Legal Solutions For HOA/Condo Issues

For those operating a homeowners’ association (HOA) or a condominium complex, as well as for those living in one of these situations, it is critical to have a trusted lawyer on your side. HOA/condo law is a tightly regulated legal landscape that often involves potential litigation and compliance issues. A trusted attorney can protect your interests and help you avoid problems.

At the law firm of Robert A. Gleaner, P.C., we provide strong legal support for clients throughout South Jersey. We are a one-attorney law firm that takes a team approach, employing numerous expert interns and staff members. Together, we provide comprehensive legal coverage for HOA/condo management and associations. Attorney Robert A. Gleaner and our team have earned a reputation for unmatched legal representation in a range of real estate law matters.

Comprehensive Legal Representation For HOA/Condo Law

Our legal team represents clients in matters that include:

  • Compliance
  • Development of policies, rules and regulations
  • Covenants and restrictions
  • Contract drafting and review
  • Dispute resolution and litigation
  • Assessments and collections
  • Annual meetings
  • Liens and title issues

When serious problems arise in the context of an HOA or condominium living situation, the results could be disastrous. Our lawyer and team will work hard to provide sound legal counsel on the front end, to help you avoid conflicts or regulatory compliance problems.

However, disputes will arise no matter how careful we are. When that happens, we are a legal team with a wealth of experience finding efficient favorable results to various disputes. With attorney Robert A. Gleaner‘s 40 years of experience as an attorney, and our 25 years as a respected New Jersey law firm, we have the knowledge and experience to protect your interests in the courtroom or at the negotiating table, and to get results quickly.

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We offer free initial consultations, so you can discuss your legal needs with us and make sure you know you are getting the best legal service you can.

We offer legal solutions for a variety of HOA and condo association-related claims. Call us at 856-804-1765 or send us an email to schedule your free initial consultation today.