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Lease Or Habitability Disputes In Southern New Jersey

Owning rental property comes with its own set of responsibilities. Under New Jersey law, landlords are required to maintain the property so that the rental property is safe and decent for tenants. Clearly, maintaining property to keep it safe and sanitary under the law also serves to maintain the value of your property and investment interests. Neglecting known maintenance issues can also increase your costs in the long run and could lead to disruptive litigation, if the damage is not the result of actions of your tenant.

What Is The Warranty Of Habitability?

Whether included in the language of the lease or not, every landlord-tenant lease in the state of New Jersey carries an implied warranty of habitability under state statutes. NJ Rev Stat § 2A:42-85.If a tenant, or tenants, raises concerns about issues related to the maintenance of the premises, or the safety or sanitary conditions of the property, it is prudent to look into these concerns. Common issues may involve faulty plumbing, worn and leaky roofing materials, mold on the premises, electrical issues, pest control, and maintenance of stairwells and common areas.

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New Jersey law provides tenants with a variety of remedies that may be used against you to resolve habitability issues. A tenant may deduct the cost of repairs from future rents. The tenant may walk away from the lease and even demand the refund of the security deposit. Moreover, if unsafe conditions lead to harm or injury, the landlord may face larger liability issues.

Resolving Habitability Disputes

When disputes blossom into serious complaints, it is wise to reach out to our experienced legal team to guide you through any dispute resolution process and help you to protect your real estate investment interests. It is important to note that if alleged habitability issues are the result of abnormal use of the premises or malicious acts of the tenant, any remedies are not the landlord’s burden — the offending tenant may be held responsible for the cost of repairs. Our lawyer and legal team can review the facts and circumstances and represent you in resolving complex habitability disputes.

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