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How zoning laws can affect your commercial real estate

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2024 | Land Use and Zoning

When it comes to purchasing or leasing commercial real estate in New Jersey, one crucial aspect that is often overlooked is zoning laws. These regulations can significantly impact the use of your commercial property.

Therefore, understanding them is essential to avoiding potential legal issues.

What is the purpose of zoning laws?

Zoning laws, also known as zoning ordinances, dictate how certain geographical areas, or “zones,” can be used. There are several reasons why communities implement these regulations, such as:

  • Regulating land use
  • Preserving a community’s character
  • Promoting economic growth
  • Protecting public health and safety
  • Planning for future growth
  • Preventing urban sprawl
  • Protecting property values

Audubon is split into the following zones:

R: Residential 

A: Business

A-1: Business

B: Business

B-1: Business

B-2: Business

C: Business

PR: Planned Retail

Each of these districts states the size and types of buildings that can be placed on the property and the activities that can occur.

Knowing how each district is designated can significantly impact the property’s value. For example, a zone designated for high-rise office buildings will likely have a higher value than a similar property in a zone designated for low-rise structures. Therefore, understanding the zoning laws can help you make better investment decisions.

In some cases, it may be possible to apply for a variance if the current zoning laws don’t align with your intended use of the property. However, this process can be lengthy and costly, and there’s no guarantee of success. Working with someone who understands Audubon’s zoning laws can help ensure you purchase the right real estate for your intended use. And if you wish to apply for a variance, having someone knowledgeable offers your best chance for success.