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Most inspectors look for these 5 issues in homes

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2023 | Real Estate Transactions

Home buyers often benefit from hiring inspectors. Inspectors evaluate homes for major issues that could create problems for buyers in the future. Essentially, a home inspector helps buyers from purchasing homes they later regret. 

Home inspectors often do thorough examinations of homes. Here’s what they may find:

1. Weathering and rot on the roof

Issues with a roof can have devastating effects on the rest of the house. If there’s weathering or rot, then rain and snow could damage the internal structure of the home, causing many homebuyers to sink fortunes into their homes. Many inspectors won’t climb onto roofs to look for issues, but they may use drones to help them assess the value of a home. 

2. Water damage in the basement

Many basements suffer from some kind of water damage. There could be minor leaks, sump pump issues or signs of flooding. Any kind of water damage in a basement can lead to mold and foundation issues. 

3. Rodent and insect infestations 

Signs of rodent and insect infestations could indicate larger issues with a home. Rodents can damage walls and wiring, creating many issues and fire hazards. Cockroaches, termites and wasps may make homes uninhabitable. 

4. Plumbing issues

An inspector may evaluate the condition of pipes in a home. A plumbing pipe that’s leaking or rusted could cause issues in a home in the future. These kinds of pipes could suddenly burst and destroy ceilings and cause flooding.

5. Careless electrical repairs

Many people repair electrical and wiring issues without consulting or hiring experienced electricians. If a repair was careless, then it could create many issues for a home. A loose wire could injure residents or spark a fire and destroy a home.

Once an inspector evaluates a home, home buyers may have reason to renegotiate the price of a home. Buyers who understand their legal rights may find it easier to navigate a home purchase.