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There’s a delay when evicting tenants for non-rent reasons

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2021 | Eviction

There are numerous reasons why New Jersey landlords may want to evict the tenants currently occupying one of their rental units. One of the most common issues is the non-payment of rent. There are certain regulations that apply to evictions for financial purposes.

There are others that apply for evictions for any reason other than the non-payment of rent. Tenants have certain rights, and it is important for landlords to know what those are when they determine what steps they should take when trying to remove a tenant from a rental property.

There is a delay in a New Jersey eviction for a reason other than rent. You will usually have to wait at least 30 days before filing a court hearing. What causes this delay?

You must give tenants a chance to correct the issue

Losing tendency of a home can be a real hardship, and tenants who break the rules have the right to correct their behavior before facing eviction under New Jersey law. There are numerous situations where you might want to evict a tenant who pays rent for another reason.

Perhaps they have an unauthorized pet. Maybe they have caused damage to the unit. They may have thrown loud parties or have violated the lease in another manner. You will need documentation of the violation and to send your tenant notice about the violation.

You have to give them 30 days from when you sent them the notice to correct the issue. Only then can you initiate eviction proceedings. You will have to provide the court with a copy of the notice given to the tenants. Knowing the laws that determine how to evict a tenant will help you avoid making mistakes that lengthen the process.