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What to do when in dispute with your HOA

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2023 | HOA/Condo Law

Some home buyers prefer buying in a region with rules. A homeowner association (HOA) has regulations governing an area. This improves sanitation, guarantees security and protects properties’ values. Moving into such a neighborhood can be an exciting move. 

However, at times, the promises the HOA gives you may not be fulfilled, which can lead to disputes. Here is what you should do in such situations:

Find out the problem

If a service the HOA promised you before buying in the area is not fulfilled, you should contact the board manager to find out the problem. For instance, if they take long to remove snow in front of your house, contact them. They may be experiencing a delay with the company they are outsourcing the service from, and so on.

Further, if the board restricts you from doing something not mentioned, meet with the manager for clarification. They should provide you with evidence that supports their restriction.

However, ensure you reread and understand the HOA rules before heading to the meeting. This can save you from disputing over a clear violation. 

Take legal action

If you believe the HOA is not taking your case seriously or is treating you unfairly, perhaps they have no support for the restriction they subjected you to, it may be time to take legal action. The court will assess the HOA rules and your claim to give an order.

Buying a home is a major life investment. Thus, it can be stressful to choose an HOA area that does not satisfy the services that may have prompted you to purchase. If your HOA is not keeping its promises, get the right knowledge and experience to protect your interests in court or at a negotiating table.