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2 mistakes to avoid when evicting a tenant

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2023 | Eviction

Most landlords maintain a positive relationship with tenants for years, but some experience issues. If you and your tenant are in dispute, it will help to resolve it sooner. But, if it’s irreconcilable, you may ask them to leave. 

Unfortunately, evicting a renter is not that easy. The New Jersey eviction law offers tenants protection, as well as landlords. Thus, one mistake may result in legal issues.

The following are two mistakes to avoid when evicting a tenant:

Lack of lease violation

Your lease agreement should detail terms that renters need to observe. It should also inform them that violating the set rules can lead to an eviction. This way, when a tenant breaches the agreement, you may have grounds to ask them to leave.

Evicting a tenant without a lease violation/cause or for a reason not included in the agreement may lead to a legal issue.  

Further, when a renter violates the lease, leading to an eviction, it will be best to document the violation. Take pictures and videos, as this will be your evidence should they file a case against you.

Not giving your tenant notice

It’s unlawful to evict a tenant without notice. You should give them a written notice informing them of the violation that led to the eviction decision and how many days they have to move out. According to New Jersey eviction law 2A:18-61.2, the notice period depends on the violation. 

You should present the tenant with the notice, and if they are absent, you can give it to a family member at the place of abode who is above 14 years.

Not following the eviction process to the letter based on the state’s laws can get you in trouble. You could get legal guidance to make the right decisions throughout the process.