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Understand the zoning before purchasing property

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2022 | Land Use and Zoning

Question: When is the ideal location for something not ideal? Answer: When zoning laws prohibit you from doing the thing you want in that location.

Local authorities use zoning laws to control how an area develops. They can use them to encourage new investment in deprived areas or to prevent new development in areas they want to preserve in their current state.

The value of a piece of land depends very much on what you can use it for

If you have your eyes on a piece of real estate, checking the zoning laws is crucial before moving ahead to buy. While the property might seem ideal for a manufacturing business, you will not get far if the zone is designated for residential housing only.

You should also check for any ongoing applications for a zoning variance

Maybe the home you covet is for sale at a bargain price because the owner knows an application is underway to permit heavy industry in the area. If approved, it could seriously affect the resale value of the house.

Do not assume that zoning authorities would ever allow something just because it seems obvious to you. You only have to look around to see that some zoning decisions are dubious. For example, there are places where heavy, polluting manufacturing sits next to schools and houses, damaging the health of those who live there.

Understanding the zoning situation is just one of the checks you should carry out before you agree to purchase real estate. The more information you gather about the property and the external factors that affect it, the surer you can be that moving ahead makes good sense. Consider legal help to carry out the necessary checks.