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Do you need to re-zone a vacant property to develop it?

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2022 | Land Use and Zoning

Zoning rules help protect the characteristics of a community and the environment. However, sometimes they need to change to reflect the changing characteristics of a neighborhood. 

Property that was once commercial or even industrial could become a residential property. Such conversions, involving everything from old industrial buildings to vacant office buildings, have become quite trendy. Modern buyers like the idea of reusing and repurposing old buildings to turn them into modern housing. 

That may mean that you need to change the zoning at a property before or after a purchase. 

Zoning changes for property development take time

Residential real estate development projects, especially those involving multiple units, may take years to come to fruition. The newer your concept, the longer it may take to manifest it at a property. 

While there is definitely demand for converted industrial and office spaces on the modern housing market, it may take some time to convince the local community that changing zoning for the property will be good for everyone. Learning more about the necessary process for a zoning variance or rezoning of a property will make it easier for your business to evaluate whether investing in a property for later conversion is a sound decision. 

Buying a property without first rezoning it may mean that you can’t develop as you want. Waiting to tackle the zoning issue with a pending offer might mean that you invest a lot in the municipal work only to not complete the transaction in the end. Getting the right help when dealing with land use and zoning issues can help your business better navigate this complex area of law.