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Civil court can help you resolve a New Jersey title issue

| Oct 1, 2021 | Title Disputes

The title records for your home reflect your ownership and the financial status of the property. Mortgages or other debts may appear as a lien against the property, allowing creditors and lenders an opportunity for repayment whenever there is a transfer of title. 

Having a clean title is necessary if you intend to list your property for sale or if you want to refinance it to take advantage of low interest rates. Unfortunately, sometimes issues with your title could impact your attempt to refinance or prevent you from selling the property. 

How can you potentially address those title issues in the New Jersey civil courts?

Property owners can request a quiet title hearing

Mistakes in updating title records or in recording information appropriately can sometimes lead to inaccurate blemishes on the title. Fraudulent deeds could lead to people thinking they have a claim against a property when they really do not. Even a creditor failing to release a lien could cause hardship for a property owner by delaying the sale or refinancing of the property. 

When you have proof that the title issue is already resolved, you can initiate a quiet title action. You will need to provide evidence to the courts that someone already signed a deed removing their name from the title or that you have completely paid off a debt-related lien on the property to move forward with this. The judge presiding over the hearing can remove those blemishes from your title, paving the way for a smoother refinancing or property listing.

Understanding your options when you have a title issue can help you resolve the matter quickly and effectively.